The Black Report (1963)

This is the second Yasuzô Masumura movie I’ve watched this week, a director whose work that until now I’d never explored.

The next case of Akira Kido (Ken Utsui) will determine whether or not he has earned a promotion. In this film, unlike American movies, the case within court is all that matters.

With elements of noir, this movie shows the inside of a Japanese court room, where catching the murderer is only part of the tale. The rest is actually getting them convicted.

I love getting Arrow blu rays because I’m so often exposed to films that I would never otherwise watch. Japanese courtroom drama was not on my radar until I watched this.

You can get this blu ray from Diabolik DVD. It comes complete with another Masumura film, Black Test Car.

DISCLAIMER: This film was sent to us by Arrow Video.

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