Vampire War (2017)

I love the guys at Wild Eye Releasing, not just because they often send us review copies of their films — thanks as always — but because they’re real fans of horror first. So they understand that if they released a movie called Montrak under its original title and kept it all in German, the only people that would pay for it would be maniacs like me who are obsessed with the strange corners of film.

A title like Vampire War? Now that seems like something that will get noticed on streaming services and the shelves at WalMart.

In Germany, humans are getting killed by wolves. Yes, even in our modern time this is happening, but of course, they aren’t wolves at all. Nope, this is the work of the vampire Montrak and his clan who have been transformed into the living undead by Lucifer himself! Now, however, there’s a new vampire lord, which means that the American title Vampire War is much more apt.

Writer/director Stefan Schwenk released another version of this tale, Montrak – Meister der Vampire, back in 2002. This time, he had more money and experience to, one assumes, fully deliver on his vision.

I’ve read some negative reviews on the dubbing of this film, but honestly, if bad dubbing ruins a movie for you, you’ve missed tons of films from around the world.

Thanks to Wild Eye for sending this our way.

You can find Vampire War, aka Montrak, DVDs on eBay, and at the online and brick-and-mortar outlets of Target, Walmart, and Best Buy. It also streams on Amazon Prime and Vudu.

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