Modern Girls (1986)

Cece (Cynthia Gibb, Jack’s Back) just lost her job.

Margo (Daphne Zuniga, The Initiation) has a boring telemarketing job.

Kelly (Virginia Madsen, Candyman) sells lots of pets because she’s so good looking.

Over one wild night, they’re going to get dumped, meet a rock legend, face off with a criminal and maybe even fall in love. Just another Friday night, I guess.

Clayton Rohner (I, Madman; April Fool’s Day) has a dual role as the love-starved Clifford and rock star Bruno X. Also look for Josh Richman (who was Tony in River’s Edge; he also directed the videos for Guns ‘n Roses’ “Live and Let Die” and “Don’t Cry (Part 1)” as well as reciting the spoken word section on their cover of “Knocking On Heaven’s Door and managing the band Deadsy), the Boss’ sister Pamela, Mark Holton (Francis from Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure) and Stuart Charno (one of the few Camp Crystal Lake counselors to escape Jason).

Director Jerry Kramer also made Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker, the video for Van Halen’s “Hot for Teacher,” Styx’s “Kilroy Was Here” and Sandahl Bergman’s Body, a video where Sandahl shows how to do aerobics. If you think I’m not hunting that down, you don’t know me all that well.

This female-driven hijinks movie even had the Depeche Mode song “But Not Tonight” promote it in a movie-featuring music video, as well as a soundtrack with The Jesus and Mary Chain, Toni Basil and Icehouse on it.

Modern Girls bombed in theaters, but as often happened in the late 1980’s, it found new life on HBO. Ah, what a time to be alive, staying up too late and wishing you were old enough to try and catch Virginia Madsen’s attention.

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