Bankaku Rokku (1973)

If there’s one thing I love — this site is really about the many things I love, but indulge me — it’s movies with girl gangs up against horrible odds. The Japanese sukeban genre — delinquent girl — isn’t just up my alley. It’s the entire city block.

The Akabane 100 Club and the Ikebukuro Cavalry are at war. Yukiko (Emiko Yamauchi, School of the Holy Beast) is fresh out of reform school and decides to live up to her role as the chief bodyguard of the Akabane, deciding it’s time to finish her war with the entire Calvary gang. Yukiko is so far gone that her father urges the police to put her to death.

Imagine, if you will, a female gang movie with music by Japanese Group Sounds band Carol (their lead vocalist and bassist Eikichi Yazawa went solo and recorded the albums YazawaIt’s Just Rock ‘n Roll and Flash In Japan with members of the Doobie Brothers and Little Feat) and slow motion violence that looks like it was influenced by Peckinpah.

While many use the title Farewell to Rock’n Roll, the actual translation is Ranking Bos Rock.

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