Strange Frequency (2001)

Mary Lambert (Pet Semetary) and Bryan Spicer (McHale’s Navy) came up with this VH1 series, of which this movie was the pilot and also provided four episodes. Unlike Tales from the Crypt, which used the old comic books for inspiration or the morality plays of The Twilight Zone or Night Gallery, this show turned to rock and roll to create its stories.

The Who’s Roger Daltry serves as the narrator for this first go-round, which originally aired on January 24, 2001.

The first story, “Disco Inferno,” finds two rockers stuck within their own personal hell — a disco that never stops playing the music they hate. Penthouse 1992 Pet of the Year Brandy Ledford appears, as does That 70’s Show actor Danny Masterson.

“My Generation” has Danny’s brother Chris matching wits with Eric Roberts (here he is again) as two serial killers with deadly taste in music.

“Room Service” has a real rock star, Duran Duran bassist John Taylor, who is trying to destroy his hotel room but the maid always fixes it.

“More Than A Feeling” has Judd Nelson as a music producer who keeps breaking new artists who sadly die right after they find their success.

Sadly, the follow-up series only lasted ten episode, with “Daydream Believer” never airing. It was a good concept, if you ask me. But then again, I love anthologies, so put another dime in the Mystic Seer, baby.

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