Population: 1 (1986)

Rene Daalder made Massacre at Central High before becoming a pioneer of virtual reality and digital motion picture technologies. He started as a protege of Russ Meyer, even writing an initial script for Who Killed Bambi?, Meyer’s canceled film with the Sex Pistols (a movie that Russ explained to Roger Ebert, who wrote another script, “We can go wild on this. I’ve got a couple of big-titted London girls already in mind.”).

He also innovated what we would one day called music videos alongside Tomata du Plenty and the electropunk band The Screamers. In this film, Tomata is the last survivor of the end of the world, a defense contractor left alone to put together the history of the world.

This is a movie packed with musicians and artists, including El Duce, Carel Struycken (the giant from Twin Peaks, who was a producer and editor on this movie), production designer K.K. Barrett, Penelope Huston from The Avengers, composer and Beck’s father David Campbell, Fluxus artist and Beck’s grandfather Al Hansen, Beck and oh yeah, Maila Nurmi who we all know much better as Vampira.

It’s definitely an art project, but there are moments of real brilliance here, including the floating tools that follow Tomata and groom him for his State of the Union. It’s amazing that the tech in this was so advanced at one point, yet look quaint today. Such is the sadness of the forward progress of time.

Learn more at the official site or watch this on YouTube.

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