DTF (2020)

I’m not so sure I’d be friends with Al Bailey. Or if I was, I wouldn’t let him direct a documentary about my life. Or I’d at least not be a maniac like his airline pilor Christian.

Then again, I’m not an airline pilot constantly criss crossing the globe using Tinder to find new people to sleep with. I’m just a guy who likes to watch Spanish werewolf movies.

Over a year and a half, Al and Christian — a widowed airline pilot — meet up in various cities and countries in the pursuit of love for one night or at least a good buzz. This also puts their friendship to the test, which you’d think will probably not survive the pilot seeing this film.

That’s because while the materials for this film describe at as a quest for love, Christian succumbs — more than once — to the lure of easy sex and gradually becomes someone that the director no longer seems to like all that much. In fact, Al seems like he doesn’t even want to be part of his own film at times.

Things get worse after a trip to San Francisco and beyond the point of no return in Vegas, where Christian buys sex toys and even rubs a used one into the director’s face after drugging him at a club. Honestly, I started to wonder if the film was staged way before this point and I’m honestly not sure that it wasn’t. The punch up at the Denver Airport makes me think that either this is the best real footage ever captured or a really good version of a mockumentary.

I think you should honestly check it out for yourself. It’s not an easy watch, but I feel like no good documentary ever is.

DTF will premiere at LA’s Dances With Films before being able to rent or own on September 15 on Amazon, iTunes, Comcast, Spectrum, Vudu and more. Thanks to its PR company for sending it our way.

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