Head Case: Home Movies of a Serial Killer (2007)

Recently re-released by Wild Eye — who were kind enough to send us a copy — Head Case: Home Movies of a Serial Killer is the first in a series of found footage style that also includes Head Case: Last Days of a Serial Killer, Head Case: Post-Mortem, Head Cases: Serial Killers in the Delaware ValleyHead Case: The Lost Tapes and Head Case: Legacy.

While the murders by Wayne and Andrea Montgomery are similar to other serial kills — the IMDB page claims that there was some inspiration from Canadian serial killers Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka, they are unique fictional characters who have filmed every one of their murders. While this gives them a momento of each kill, it also seems like it gives the police plenty of evidence.

Wayne Montgomery (Paul McCloskey) is a normal guy. Well, you know, except for all the murder, which he uses to cope with the stresses of trying to live the American dream. He used to kill more often before he married his bossy wife Andrea (Barbara Lessin). Now, he’s decided to start all over again, bringing his wife along for the ride.

The entire project is fascinating, as there was no actual shooting script. There was a detailed treatment of the story, with extensive histories on the main character. However, the dialogue is completely improvised based on bullet points given to the actors at the start of each shooting day.

Anthony Spadaccini is the director of all of these films. While found footage is not my style, I can appreciate the volume of content he’s created with these characters. If it’s more your kind of thing, you’d do well to seek this film out. Horror fans will also be pleased to see Brinke Stevens in the cast as Wayne’s mother.

Head Case: Home Movies of a Serial Killer is now available on DVD and on demand. You can grab the DVD on the MVD site. It’s also on Amazon Prime. This was sent to us by Wild Eye, which has no bearing on our review.

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