Demir Yumruk: Devler Geliyor (1973)

This is a superhero movie — I guess, the jury is really out — that is also a Fu Manchu movie because, well, look when you’re watching Turkish cinema, your best weapon in the face of insanity is to just shut off your brain and go for the ride. So if Fu Manchu ends up being a transvestite in a wheelchair, you just slowly say the words, “Of course he is.”

Enver is a supercop who can outfight — and let’s come clean, outaardvark — anyone else in Turkey. His regular girl Meral (Feri Cansel, the Emmanuelle of Kasımpaşa who appeared in more than 120 seks filmleri before being murdered by her fiancee in 1983) just deals with all his sleeping around because she’s too busy infiltrating the evil gangs by posing as a masked bellydancer.

There’s also another gang — Russians! — led by Zangof, a man with a facial scar and a metal hand that can shoot bullets. He looks like a member of Big Jim’s P.A.C.K. (Professional Agents – Crime Killers) in real life. He has a henchman named Çengel, who has a double hook for a hand.

Fu Manchu raises the odds by having an entire army of machine gun-toting women, because that’s how Eurospy movies roll on their way into Turkey.

As for Iron Fist — remember him? — he’s not even a superhero, but an identity for one of our heroes who cheats death. And then there’s another Iron Fist at the end! Let me tell you what’s so great about Iron Fist. He has a mask, which seems enough for most superheroes. He tops that off with Superman’s symbol on his chest, which again, would be way more than adequate. But no. No, this is a Turkish hero, sho he finishes his look with Batman’s belt, but it also has an S on it.

There’s a whole big deal about uranium and everyone wants to get it and then Fu Manchu gets out of his wheelchair and goes mano y claw with Iron Fist and pays for his bad behavior with death.

What a circuitous route this movie takes, but along the way, it does take place in a magical world of movie serials, copyright infringement and evil Russians tying up Feri Cansel into bondage. In short — our highest recommendation.

You can download this on the Internet Archive.

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