Up On the Glass (2019)

Jack DiMercurio secretly wants the life — and wife Liz — of his rich friend Andy. They have a reunion with some friends at a cottage on Lake Michigan when a fight breaks out between the two men. Tragedy ensues and somehow, this moment allows Jack to have the life that he always wanted. But is it all he thought it would be?

How much of peoples’ lives do we really know? How much do we grow away from people? And how much do we really need to be jealous of the grass being greener on the other side?

The first fill-length film for director Kevin Del Principe (who co-wrote this with Nikki Brown, who appears in the movie as Kate Green), is an intriguing low budget drama that looks way better than it’s $60,000 reported budget would suggest.

This movie is available on DVD and on demand from Gravitas Ventures. You can learn more on the official site and Facebook page.

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