Countess Dracula (1971)

Countess Elisabeth Nádasdy (Ingrid Pitt!) discovers that her sex drive and youth come back when she bathes in the blood of virgins. Luckily, she has her long-time lover Captain Dobi (Nigel Green) and her maid Julie to steal away local girls so that she may bathe in their blood, which really does wonders for the skin.

This is a late Hammer entry by Peter Sasdy, who we celebrate around here for his diverse output. He made everything from Taste the Blood of Dracula and Hands of the Ripper to Nothing but the NightWelcome to Blood City, I Don’t Want to Be Born and The Lonely Lady.

Based on Countess Erzsebet Báthory, this film sees Countess Elisabeth Nádasdy bring her own looks back at the expense of Captain Dobi’s manhood and the lives of many young women.

In order to marry young Lieutenant Imre Toth, she even imprisons her own daughter Ilona (Lesley-Anne Down!) and impersonates her. But like all good things, this can’t last, as even virgin sacrifices only serve to de-age Countess Dracula for less and less time. The drugs work, but they have a shelf life too.

Pitt was proud of her performance in this film — the role was originally to be played by Diana Rigg — but quite displeased that she’d be dubbed.

If you like your vampires curvaceous and cuckolding, this is definitely the movie for you. Between this and The Vampire Lovers, established Pitt as the vampire woman of the early 70’s. You can understand that despite all her wanton ways exactly why Dobi keeps doing more and more for her.

You can check this out on Shudder and Amazon Prime.

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