The Streets Run Red (2017)

Two cops just want to watch the big game, but when the Kubrick Killer ends up inside their station. Maybe. They think he’s Alex, a black suspect who they regale with racism as they try to break him down and get him to confess.

What follows is a non-linear narrative filled with no small amount of profanity, murder and mayhem. Whether you have the stomach for this or not is probably all part of the filmmaker’s intentions. I’ve seen comparisons to the Guinea Pig films, so know what you’re getting into here.

I mean, I’ve made it through some really rough giallo like Giallo In Venice, The New York RipperThe Killer Is Still Among Us and Arabella the Black Angel, which are all amongst the roughest and scummiest in the genre. So my mileage may vary from yours.

Or you may be someone who wants to see areolas sliced off and female sex organs destroyed. Is that you? Perhaps you’re on a watchlist or you have to introduce yourself to the neighbors and show your papers when you move in? Then you may have an interest in this, too.

Then again, I’m selling this to you.

That said, I liked the idea of juxtaposing moments in the killer’s life — often when he felt like he was playing a role — with what is probably his true self — when he’s actually killing people.

That said, you can probably sell that point to the audience without some of the anatomy lesson-level gore on display here. Look at me, telling a film it may have gone too far. Well, I wrote that sentence before the scene where the killer sliced a woman’s insides out, pulled out a fetus, put it back inside her, then sailed the seas of mayonnaise and used his manbatter to paint her internal organs. He even brought a bowl and a brush, which seems like a case for premeditated murder.

Tony Moran — yes, the very same Tony Moran from Halloween — is in this as Pike, newspaper photographer. Lloyd Kaufman also somehow ended up being the top credit on IMDB, thanks to his voiceover work as a football announcer.

This will be released by Ungovernable Films and Wild Eye Exteme. Thanks to Wild Eye for sending us the DVD. You can also visit the film’s official Facebook page.

DISCLAIMER: This was sent to us by its PR company. That has no bearing on our review.

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