The Howling: Reborn (2011)

While this movie claims that it’s based on Gary Brandner’s The Howling II, it is merely inspired by it. If you’ve made it this far in this series of films, you won’t be surprised. This is the eighth film in the series that started back in 1981 with The Howling. Much like the Amityville and Demons series of films, the phrase series may make you think these movies have some connection. They really don’t.

Will and his girlfriend Eilana are just trying to make a horror movie with their friend Sachin when it comes out that Will is, yep, a werewolf. It turns out that his mother didn’t die when he was young, but has instead been raising an army of beasts in the basement of their high school.

Director Joe Nimziki obviously wrote his own IMDB bio, which states that he was “the youngest Vice President in Sony Pictures’ history, for what would become its’ most prolific winning streak,” “the youngest Hollywood studio President (Worldwide Marketing) at New Line Cinema, as they reached an unprecedented level of success” and “a highly-sought “Movie Doctor” in Hollywood, brought in by both studios and independent producers to re-write, direct and edit a number of major films.” He’s also worked as a creative director in advertising, so that makes even more sense.

Somehow, this movie was able to pay for the rights to Echo and the Bunnymen’s “The Killing Moon,” which surprised me. What’s really even more astounding that in Germany, they didn’t even try to release this as a Howling film, instead referring to it as Blue Moon. The original film was called Das Tier, which translates as The Animal.

What an ignominious close to a week of these films.

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