W Django! (1971)

We’ve discussed before that Edoardo Mulargia made movies called CjamangoShango and Don’t Wait, Django… Shoot! As you can read, he really, really liked Django.

This time, Andrew Steffan takes the role, tracking down and killing the men who killed his wife. He’s helped by a horse thief named Carranza (Glauco Onorato, who was mostly known for his dubbing work). Of course, that criminal may not be telling all he knows about the night Django’s old lady went down.

This one is also known as A Man Called Django! and Viva! Django, a fact that I learned as I made it a minute into each of those films before realizing that I had already seen this movie.

While this is also called Viva Django!, don’t confuse it with the 1968 Ferdinando Baldi film, which was originally intended to star Franco Nero, but has Terence Hill in it (he’s listed as Django, Joe Cassidy and Trinity in the SWDB) and George Eastman as one of the men who must pay.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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