Day of Judgement (1971)

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I love spaghetti westerns, something about them has intrigued me since first viewing The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. I go through spurts where I watch a slew of them and then get a bit burnt out or my viewing interests take a huge leap in another direction for a while. I spend hours sometimes going through Amazon Prime’s catalog and looking for spaghetti westerns and I came across Day of Judgement.

Day of Judgement from 1971 is about a yankee soldier who returns to find his homestead destroyed and his son and wife murdered. All that is left in the rubble is a small tin windup drummer. He sets to carve a vengeful path through those that perpetrated the heinous act. Each man he encounters is met with the strange noise of the tin drummer and told to make their play when the drummer stops. 

Ty Hardin plays the stranger who comes into town and starts paying the gravedigger and undertaker to keep digging and making coffins until he tells them to stop. It’s a violent western with typical tropes, the stranger coming to town to seek vengeance, a sheriff that may or may not be on the up and up and plenty of bullets flying throughout its runtime. It has a few small moments of nudity as well which may interest some folks. I like that the sheriff is pretty much sleeping with prostitutes the entire movie and saying he’s trying to find the man who is killing all the folks.

It’s a decent little Italian western with its most notable feature being that it lifts Ennio Morricone’s score from Hellbenders and drops it into this film. I think the drummer is enough of a gimmick to keep those looking for something to watch in this genre interested in it. I was drawn in by the soundtrack which I was vaguely familiar with as I bought a few volumes of the spaghetti western Cds that compile themes and main titles from spaghetti westerns. I’ve yet to see Hellbenders but I do plan on watching it soon. I think those who are looking for decent time with a western will find much to like about Day of Judgement especially the gravedigger who constantly warns everyone that judgment day is upon the town.

Full movie on YouTube:

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