Elodie (2019)

Sabrina thought that she had problems when her play, The Tungsten Dagger, bombs. Then her boyfriend dumps her. And then, someone breaks into her house and it’s Elodie, the main character in the play she just put on that very night. She asks her creator for help, bringing Sabrina into the world that she thought was only in her imagination.

Here’s a cool fact about this movie — the exterior of Sabrina’s apartment is the same one used for the exterior of the hotel in the opening of Psycho.

Daniel Ziegler wrote, directed, produced and edited this movie, which feels incredibly personal. Its definitely something different than the movies that usually get sent to us for review, a mix of black and white film noir with color in the real world, an inverse Oz filled with magical daggers that grant wishes and shady dealings.

It’s closer to an art film than a genre movie — again, I always hold to the rule that what type of movie it is only depends on the theater playing it. Also, unlike so many modern films, the music and sound design truly fits and has a purpose. Well done.

You can watch this on Amazon Prime. Thanks to the filmmakers for sending it our way. Want to know more? Check out Black Box Films’ website and Facebook page.

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