The Whispering Man (2019)

Originally known as The Surreal Project, this Hungarian film has been retitled and released here in the U.S. by Wild Eye.

It’s all about a family that inherits a painting that is possessed by the demon known as The Whispering Man. You know what happens next: they get rid of the painting, roll credits.

I’m kidding. We wouldn’t have movies if people did what was logical.

Inspired by the films of M. Night Shyamalan, József Gallai made Hungary’s first found footage movie, Bodom. That’s a genre he has made several films in, including A Guidebook to Killing Your Ex. He has another film that Wild Eye has picked up, Spirits in the Dark, and is working on a movie called The Poltergeist Diaries with Eric Roberts.

While the found footage genre isn’t for me — paging B&S About Movies writer Paul Andolina — there are others who will enjoy this.

The Whispering Man is now available on demand and on DVD.

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