Like A Boss (2020)

Man, this quarantine is killing me. If my wife wants to watch something, now we watch it. I’ve seen more than a few Tiffany Haddish movies now. Let me share my pain with you.

I put on a strong front in these posts, but trust me, I always get roped in to these movies.

Haddish and Rose Byrne play childhood best friends who are more like sisters. Their makeup company is on the verge of bankruptcy when their get an offer from Salma Hayak’s character, who is obviously going to screw them at the end and try to ruin their friendship.

As basic as this film is, I enjoyed the casting of Jennifer Coolidge and Pittsburgh native Billy Porter. I also really liked another movie by director Miguel Arteta, 2009’s Youth In Revolt, which played with the expectations of teen movies pretty nicely.

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