Mnemophrenia (2019)

I always say that you should learn something new every day. Here’s what I learned today: the title of this film was invented just for the movie. According to its IMDB page, “It’s a portmanteau of the words ‘mneme’ and ‘schizophrenia’. In the film Mnemophrenia the word is defined as: “A condition or a state characterized by the coexistence of real and artificial memories, which affects the subject’s sense of identity.”


This is the debut feature of Eirini Kostantinidou, who said of making it, “For the past several years it has been my ambition to make a feature film around the subject of artificial memories. A humanistic, generation-spanning story asking questions about human identity, virtual reality and the future of cinema. A film that would delve into who we are and where we are going and imagine our species on the brink of its next evolutionary step.”

The way that this movie was made is incredibly intriguing. There was plenty of improvisation and each of the three parts was made separately, with the cast getting to watch each part before getting to take on the next chapter of the story. According to the film’s IMDB page, “This technique allows for an organic development of the characters and dialogue, which is a result of the creative collaboration between the actors and herself.”

As our world grows both larger in scope and smaller in the ways that we will get there, the issues that this film raises will become more important. This movie isn’t for everyone, but it is something you can watch and discuss long after it’s over.

You can learn more at the official site.

Want to watch it? It’s on Amazon Prime and Tubi courtesy of Indie Rights Movies.

Disclaimer: We were sent a screener by the film’s P.R firm. That has no affect on our review.

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