GG Allin: All in The Family (2017)

After the death of GG Allin — covered in Hated — what happened to his brother Merle? And did he leave behind any family? How would you feel if you were the mother of the rocker who left behind a trail of feces, blood, vomit and noise? Originally airing on Showtime, this documentary by Sami Saif attempts to answer that question.

This is probably. the most heartwarming story I’ve ever seen that has a scene here someone takes a dump and uses it as paint.

The strangest thing for me was seeing the life of GG, as he grew up and was in young bands. The image burned into my mind of him is his almost inhuman visage by the time of Hated, distorted by multiple VHS bootlegs, to the point where he almost seems like a demon. To see what he looked like before all the self-destruction and to hear his mother’s pain is pretty intense.

By the way, GG’s mom’s best male friend just hanging out and being supportive is my favorite part. I can only imagine the stories that that poor man has had to listen to.

You can watch this on Tubi. You can also buy it from MVD.

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