Blackhearts (2017)

Hector draws pentagrams and is from Colombia. Sina is from Iran, where even liking black metal, not to mention being in a band, could get him jailed or worse. Kaiadas is a member of the Greek parliament as part of the Golden Dawn party, which has praised Nazis and takes a hard right stance (this is glossed over in the film). What draws them together is a metal festival in Norway and their love of where black metal was twenty years ago.

While the movie begins with a really interesting scene of a guy explaining to kids what blackpackers are — black metal fans who come to see places they’ve only listened to or read about — the rest of the film is pretty basic, sad to say.

The only scene that I really enjoyed was when the mayor of the town introduced the festival in the most friendly and least metal way possible. Decades ago, churches burned and people lived in fear, but today, black metal is commodified tourism, loved by the manchildren in this film. Only Sina comes off as someone who uses metal as an escape from a truly horrifying life.

You can watch this on Amazon Prime and Tubi.

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