The Ex (1997)

John Lutz created the story that Single White Female was based on. The Ex is similar territory — a woman over the edge killing everyone to get what she wants. Here, that woman is Yancy Butler, who you may remember from the Witchblade TV series.

One of the people she’s menacing is Suzy Amis, who is now Suzy Amis Cameron. Yes, that Cameron.

Her husband is played by Nick Mancuso of TV’s Stingray, an actor who was once almost Indiana Jones. Here, he’s just as bonkers as the villain of the piece. Actually, everyone outside of the kid is uniformly a pretty bad person in this movie, which makes it that much more enjoyable.

The best part of this movie — and Mark Lester always finds a way, no matter what — is that the music sounds like it’s straight out of a Disney film, even when people are having rough sex or killing one another. It’s really disconcerting and I mean that in absolutely the best of ways. Outside of Mexican VHS horror, I’ve never heard music that less fits a film.

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