Cien Gritos de Terror (1965)

There are two stories here in this Mexican portmanteau. The first, Panico — hey, how about that title — is about a man (Joaquin Cordero, Dr. Satan) who wants to leave his wife for his new lover, but things are not that simple. The second is Miedo Supremo, which is about a man trapped alive in a burial crypt who discovers that he is not alone.

Translated as 100 Cries of Terror, this film is very much an Edgar Allen Poe movie. Director Ramon Obon also wrote The Living Coffin, another movie of Mexico’s Golden Age. Sadly, he died not long after making this movie, the first he directed.

There was a plan in 2014 to remake this movie with Reversal director JM Cravioto. It never was made and I’m probably one of the few people who is still wondering if it will happen.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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