Los Placeres Ocultos (1989)

Psiquiatra is a therapist who is abducted by a masked man one night, who takes her to the woods, where he assaults her and leaves her to die. However — and this is incredibly upsetting — she seems to like it and looks for a former patient of hers, promising him “no holds barred” sex while her husband is away on business. What follows is some 9 and 1/2 Weeks style antics with attempted drowning and her turning the tables on her assailant by beheading his dog and pegging him.

Yeah — this is something else. Honestly, it’s the most repellent and fascinating quasi-giallo I’ve seen in a while, filled with gross people doing gross things.

Humberto Zurita, who plays the villain Violador, is still acting to this day. Sonia Infante, who plays the therapist, is also in Beaks: The Movie. This was released in the U.S. on VHS as Playback, which I’m sure gave no indication how massively screwed up this movie is. I can only hope that people rented this and were destroyed by how sickening it is.

Rene Cardona Jr. is the master of low budget Mexican scumfests, particularly because Violador spends some time sculpting Psiquiatra before sailing the seas of mayonnaise all by himself while staring at his work. Magical.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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