Come Out and Play (2012)

This film is a remake of Who Can Kill a Child, which was a shocking movie in 1976. Guess what? It still is now.

Beth (Vinessa Shaw, Hocus Pocus) and Francis are enjoying their last vacation before the birth of their child. But just like Lewis Fiander and Prunella Ransome before, they soon realize that the island they are is empty except for the children. And soon, those children will descend upon them as well.

Perhaps more interesting than the film itself is its director, who only goes by the name Makinov. A gigantic Russian who started his career as a focus puller, he refused to remove his mask — he had several — during the production of the film, choosing to direct from afar almost like Coppola did during One from the Heart.

He then went to Mexico to shoot two documentary films on shamanism and have a near-death experience, after which he became Makinov, stating that “by punishing the ego through anonymity, he can command the wisdom of being one with another.”

Before the movie played festivals, a manifesto from the director was played. He said, “We must remember we are made of blood. An old proverb says that it is better to murder during time of plague. I would say the same when we talk about cinema. People watching stupid heroes saving the world, when the world is surrounded by pain. What a joke. Cinema should teach us about pain. That’s why I make these precious sad stories. To remind us that life is limited and that we are gonna die. I believe in the mystery of the spirit.”

So is or was the masked director, who claimed that he would go on to direct pornography after this? Some thought he was Eli Roth and others believe that it was either REC director Paco Plaza, Gerardo Naranjo or one of the film’s producers, Diego Luna or Gael Garcia Bernal.

You can watch Come Out and Play on Tubi.

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