Mexican Barbaros 2 (2017)

The sequel to 2014’s Mexican Barbaros brings together more south of the border filmmakers to create a portmanteau movie that only had one rule: each story had to be about something related to Mexican culture without repeating anything from the first movie.

Tijuana’s Abraham Sanchez starts the movie with Juan the Soldier, a story about a soldier who makes a deal with the devil to come back after his death. Sanchez’s first movie was a short called Antropofagus that cost $20, so he’s my kind of filmmaker.

Diego Cohen made Paidos Phobos, a tale of a mother who is behind a door, hiding, that the main character is afraid to see. Cohen also directed the films La Marca del Demonio and Perididos.

Potzonalli is a fourth-wall-breaking comedy by Fernando Urdapilleta, who also directed Estrellas Solitarias. It’s the story of a father getting his just reward for how he treats his family.

Christian Cueva and Ricardo Farias made Fireballs, the story of demons who transform amateur pornography into a murderous evening. This team is called Giant Stories and they’ve mostly worked on short films.

Michelle Garza’s Vitriol is the story that most point out in this collection. Like most of the directors in this movie, she’s mainly worked on shorts. I’d love to check out her movie La Rabia de Clara, which is about a woman quarantined with rabies yearning to become part of a pack of wild dogs.

Do Not Sleep is a story of old grandmother’s tales by Sergio Tello. It Is Time, by Carlos Melendez, is about bullying, something that the director has explored in other films like Hysteria. And Exodontia, by series boss Lex Ortega, is a frightening tale of the tooth fairy.

While there is no uniting story, the idea of seeing Mexican creatives handling uniquely Mexican themes is the whole reason to see this film. I enjoyed it as much as the original.

You can watch this on Amazon Prime and Tubi.

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