El Extrano Hijo del Sheriff (1982)

The Sheriff’s Strange Son is the translation of this film’s title and it lives up to those words.

On the night that Sheriff Frederick Jackson’s wife goes into labor, the doctor is nowhere to be found, as he’s tending to the numerous victims of the plague that is decimating the denizens of the small town of Santa Rosa. The wife — not so coincidentally named Mary — dies as she gives birth to a set of conjoined twins named Fred and Erick.

There’s also the matter of some prophecy that the plague and the twins being joined as they are signals the birth of the Antichrist. But the lawman is too busy blaming the doctor for his wife dying and the fact that he has to raise these kids all by himself.

Years later, as the boys near puberty, Jackson kidnaps the doctor and forces him to split the boys at gunpoint. Despite the protests of the old surgeon, the surgery happens and Erick pays the price, ending up buried in an unmarked grave.

Things would have worked out great for Jackson except Fred won’t stop telling people how his father killed him, as he believes that he’s really the dead one. Jackson was a pretty crappy cop — go figure — so he’s finally caught for a murder that he covered up. On the day of the hanging, the ghost of Erick appears with glowing eyes and demands that only he can kill his father. That job complete, he decides to go after his brother too.

This is the first film of Fernando Duran Rojas I’ve seen, but it won’t be the last.

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