Nothing Underneath (1985)

I really like 1988’s Too Beautiful to Die, a movie that was sold as a sequel to this movie. Perhaps it’s better that I watched that first, because while I like the premise of this movie, the execution leaves something to be desired. That’s a shame, because it really sets up something great.

A serial killer roams the city of Milan, dispatching gorgeous models with the flash of his scissors. Meanwhile, Yellowstone Park ranger Bob Crane senses that his sister needs him, so he flies across the world to interact with the rich and famous. Can he save her? Will he be targeted by the killer? Will Donald Pleasence ever say no to a movie?

As I set up before, this didn’t live up to my hopes. The mid-80’s are a wasteland for giallo, with so many movies being set in the fashion industry yet having no real feel for the fashion or any pretension to art.

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