Fashion Crimes (1989)

Anthony Franciosa is a welcome presence at the start of this film, playing a detective who is able to quickly make major leaps in deductive reasoning. However, if you are expecting a film on the level of another he starred in, Argento’s Tenebre, I must sadly tell you that this is not that movie.

If you’re hoping that Fashion Crimes is a modern update of Blood and Black Lace, you’re always going to be disappointed.

Gloria is a fashion model on her way home, but she ends up watching a man kill a woman in an old villa that was once owned by a German countess. However, when the cops come the next morning, it’s been empty for twelve years. So what did she see? Was there a murder? And why is she being targeted, with other models getting killed to try to teach her a lesson?

Perhaps playboy-typed psychiatrist Gianmarco Contini (Miles O’Keeffe) can help. Seeing as how he’s one of the owners of the scene of the crime, I’m going to say that he may also be the killer.

Giancarlo Prete, Scorpion from Warriors of the Wasteland, is in this too. It also uses the music from Joe D’Amato’s Top Model, which is also known as Eleven Days, Eleven Nights, Part 2: The Sequel.

I was kind of hoping that this would be a missing 80’s giallo on the same order as Obsession: A Taste for Fear. Instead, it looks like a 1990’s made for TV movie with no flair or fashion sense.

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