Death Knocks Twice (1969)

Also known as Blonde Bait for the Murderer and The Blonde Connection, I have to come clean and tell you that I only watched this movie because of Anita Ekberg. Here, she plays a rich man’s wife who falls for Francisco (Fabio Testi), who decides to strangle her while they make love because this is a giallo and these things occur.

Of course, as also happens in these movies, two criminals saw that happen and start blackmailing his wife (Nadja Tiller, The Dead Are Alive). As if that wasn’t enough, two cops are trying to prove that Francisco is the killer and use one of their daughters as bait.

Giallo is different before Argento gets involved, closer to noir, but this is still worth checking out. You can watch this on Amazon Prime or on the YouTube link below.


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