Tommy Boy (1995)

We’ve talked about Peter Segal before — he directed Get Smart — and here he’s unleashing Chris Farley on the big screen as the son of “Big Tom” Callahan (Brian Dennehy), who soon drops dead after marrying Bo Derek. We should all be so lucky. Soon, he’s trying to save the company along with his father’s best employee, Richard Hayden (David Spade).

This movie is basically a road film packed with hijinks. Rob Lowe played the part of Tommy’s stepbrother uncredited as he was contractually obligated to make Stephen King’s The Stand. However, he took the part as a favor for Farley. Much like every movie this week, Dan Aykroyd shows up. Here, he’s car store dealer Ray Zalinsky.

Will you enjoy this film? It just depends on how you feel about Farley. Me, I loved him, so I’ve seen this so many times. It holds up and has plenty of emotion to go with all the laughs.

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