The Departure (2020)

Fans of the DC Universe and HBO Max series The Doom Patrol—and Eric Roberts fans (us at B&S) who watched Lifetime’s Stalked by My Doctor and Stalked by My Doctor: Patient’s Revenge—will recognize the cameo-marquee name of Jon Briddell in this drama that explores the deadly sin of lust and how far will one go to test loyalty and exude control over another person to satisfy their narcissism.

When the newly-minted couple of Nate and Jessica face the unexpected obstacle of a long-distance Los Angeles-to-New York relationship as result of Nate’s job promotion, and he fears Jessica is slipping away, he hires his friend John to seduce (read: spy) and test her loyalty. But the loyalty Nate tests isn’t just Jessica’s, but John’s—and his own.

If you enjoy relationship based dramas that are a rise above the Lifetime variety and the nothing-ever-pleasant-happens network TV dramas, this well shot and directed feature film debut by writer-director Merland Hoxha that’s based on his 2017 short film has something to offer you and your significant other—provided your into ultra-low budget indie films—to watch on a date night.

The Depature will be available across all cable TV On Demand platforms on June 12.

Disclaimer: This was sent to us by the film’s PR company.

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