Wayne’s World 2 (1993)

Stephen Surjik, who directed the filmed segments of The Kids in the Hall, takes over for Penelope Spheeris, who claims that star Mike Myers blocked her from getting to make the sequel. Myers wanted Federico Fellini to direct. I have no idea if that was a joke or not.

As for Myers, he was already in trouble with Paramount Pictures boss Sherry Lansing. That’s because the original story for this movie had Wayne and Garth starting their own country in an update of the movie Passport to Pimlico. The film was well into pre-production — sets were being made — when Myers confessed that he was basing it on another movie. Lansing threatened to ruin the star’s life if he didn’t get a new script finished right away.

Jim Morrison and Sammy Davis Jr. meet Wayne in a dream and tell him to create a concert called Waynestock. Of course, Cassandra (Tia Carrere) and her band Crucial Taunt will play. And Wayne will marry her, if he can get through her father (James Hong, Big Trouble in Little China)and her manager Bobby Cahn (Christopher Walken).

Garth’s (Dana Carvey) line, “That was just like the first movie,” was taken out of the trailer. But this movie — rushed into production to capitalize on the success of the original — really does feel like more of the same. That’s not the worst thing, but if you have to make a choice of which to watch, go with the first film.

That said, any movie that has a Rip Taylor cameo in it can’t be all bad.

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