This Is America (1977)

Also known as Jabberwalk, you have to love any mondo movie that starts with “America the Beautiful” being destroyed by The Dictators and then explains that demolition derbies are the top sport in the U.S.

Drive-in churches. Satanic masses. Mud wrestling. Fast food. If the world of America in this movie was true, I’d feel a lot better about our future.

Writer/producer/director Romano Vanderbes made two of these movies, as well as America Exposed, which I’m certain shocked the hell out of people in Finland.

There’s a scene with a nude competition and adult stars CJ Laing — who was in Barbara Broadcast — and Bree Anthony appear. You can also see the all female band Isis and a young Arnold getting his pump on at Gold’s Gym.

Funeral parlors where you can just drive on in? Dildo factories? Dungeons? This Is America has all that and yes, so much more. It’s exactly the type of mondo you’d hope would be in this kind of sleaze. It lives up to that and way, way more.

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