Mondo Hollywood (1967)

Robert Cohen also made Inside Red China, Inside East Germany, Committee on Un-American Activities and Inside Castro’s Cuba. This movie was sold as starring Jayne Mansfield, who had just died, even though she’s only in it for a moment. I love how each person narrates their own scenes in the film, setting up who they are as we explore Hollywood from 1965 to 1967.

We start with hippie vegan Gypsy Boots and stripper Jennie Lee doing a Watusi dance before meeting S&H Green Stamp — points for anyone that remembers those — Lewis Beach Marvin III, who lived in a $10 a month garage while owning a mountain retreat in Malibu.

We also get to meet doomed hairstylist Jay Sebring, Ram Dass, Bobby Jameson (whose protests and suicide attempts became more of his story than his music), surfers, fashion designers, actresses, transexuals, child fashion models, Bobby Beausoleil and more.

This doesn’t get as scumtastic as most mondo. Your mileage, therefore, may vary.

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