Secret Rites (1971)

When you say, “Sam, would you like to watch a movie about 1970’s witchcraft from the director of I Am a GroupieThe Girl from Starship Venus and Blood Tracks?” the answer is always going to be yes.

This 47-minute movie is packed with narration from the women about to enter witchcraft and appearances by Alex Sanders, the English occultist responsible for founding the tradition of Alexandrian Wicca during the 1960s.

Sanders was known as the “King of the Witches,” with his skyclad female followers — naked to the unoccult leaning — getting plenty of attention in the era of this film.

Watch as Penny — the girl who thinks she might make a good witch — joins Sanders’ coven! Come now! Into my coven! To become Lucifer’s child! And you also get to see a Wiccan wedding, which is notable for the amount of full frontal male nudity that it has. Flaccid dong, will you take this magickal childe?

This movie is absolutely awesome. I mean, it’s no Witchcraft ’70 — and what is, really? — but it’s one of the more entertaining things I’ve watched as of late.

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