Mondo Mod (1967)

As A.P. Stootsberry, Peter Perry Jr. made The Notorious CleopatraThe Secret Sex Lives of Romeo and Juliet and The Notorious Daughter of Fanny Hill. He used his real name to make this and Honeymoon of Terror.

This movie explores the Sunset Strip in 1966, which is everything from bars like the Pandora’s Box, Gazzarri’s, the Whisky A Go-Go and the Fifth Estate to learning about karate, surfing, pot, protests and go-karts.

This movie stars “The Youth of the World,” which seems to be every kid alive in 1966, but trust me, it’s a select crew here.

It’s all narrated by Humble Harve Miller, who was a huge star at Los Angeles’ KHJ-AM, the same station that “The Real Deal” Don Steele was at. However, in 1971, Harve had a major tiff with his wife that ended with him shooting and killing her. He was able to get his charges lowered to second-degree murder, claiming that in a fight over the gun, she was accidentally shot.

He spent three years in jail, teaching other inmates how to succeed in radio and recording books for the blind. When he got out, he went right back on the air. At the height of his career, one in four people in LA was listening to him and he has a 21.4 share, a number no one will ever get ever again.

The cinematographers of this movie, Lazlo Kovans and Vilmos Szigmond, would go on to make some pretty influential films like Easy Rider and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

You can watch this on YouTube:

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