Girls Just Want to Have Blood (2020)

When Jessica, a wayward trailer park teen with a drunk n’ abusive momma, is accepted by a trio of “party all night” female vamps, she enters a nocturnal world of murder and mayhem. As they stalk clubs and bars for victims—and avoid a notorious vampire hunter—Jessica comes find her inner “girl power.”

Based on its original title of Teenage Bloodsuckin’ Bimbos, and the John Carpenter-esque keyboard noodling, Z-grade ‘80s-styled metal, and its VHS-styled opening titles and end credits sequence, you know what you’re getting into: a campy send-up of ‘80s Troma-style gore films. And there’s bonus points for dredging up our vinyl memories of the Canadian joke-metal band Piledriver by including “Metal Inquisition” on the soundtrack.

Girls Just Want to Have Blood made its world premiere at last year’s New Jersey Film Festival and found distribution with Red Eye Releasing with a DVD and VOD release on May 26th. As of October 2020, you can now watch this on TubiTv.

Disclaimer: This was sent to us by the film’s PR company.

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