Jay and Silent Bob Reboot (2019)

You remember that friend from high school or college that you went through so much with and then lost touch? You might keep up with one another on the internet or check in on Facebook, but you always mean to hang out someday. Finally, when you do, you’re reminded of their worst annoyances and realize why you never worried all that much about truly staying in touch.

Welcome to that person in film form.

This movie is the very definition of “If it works for you, good for you.”

It may have worked for me twenty some off years ago, but it feels trapped in that time, like a nostalgia band that’s living off two or less hits, moving siblings and relatives to play bass and slowly playing smaller and smaller venues. It’s not totally that way, as this movie did make money. But it just feels like diminishing returns, like a story I’ve seen before, coming from a place where nostalgia and remember that time has replaced any chance of originality.

In the same way that I don’t care about most prequels, that’s how I feel about this sequel. I thought the multiple sendoffs these characters have had were enough. Yet I get it. People love these films and I feel like exactly the kind of person I hated when I was obsessed with the ViewAskewniverse.

So, at the risk of saying things like, “the last twenty minutes of this movie are wasted moments that I will regret forever,” let me just say that if you liked the other films and want more, here it is.

DISCLAIMER: We were sent this movie by its PR agency and obviously, I appreciate getting it but probably am doing myself no favors in getting anything else from them.

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