Santo vs. the She Wolves (1976)

This movie is astounding. It starts with a hairy old woman named Luba, queen of the werewolves, asking a young blonde woman to stab her and take her place as the new leader of the lycanthropes. As the wolves howl around her, we’re taken to an arena where Santo battles his foes.

After the match, the new queen comes to see our hero in his locker room and offers her body to him. Just as he’s politely asking her to leave, a detective arrives and tells our hero that the Harker family needs to meet him. As they speak, we follow the new Luba down a hallway, trailed by wolves.

Yes, imagine if you infused a Santo wrestling movie with the Gothic horror look of a Paul Naschy film and made things as dark as possible. That’s exactly what this movie is and I loved every second moment of its footage.

Why would werewolves come after Santo? It’s simple: only silver can destroy them. And our hero is quite literally the silver symbol that can destroy them all. But what if they can turn him to their side? And what if the werewolf queen has a king?

There’s nothing better than a movie where the most famous wrestler to ever emerge from Mexico bodyslams a werewolf woman to death as children are menaced. I love that this movie exists. I want you to be part of my excitement.

You can find this movie for sale on Etsy or watch it on YouTube:

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