Basic Training (1985)

I love that this movie had the working title Up the Pentagon, like the abortive 1980 Mad Magazine movie Up the Academy. It’s the only movie ever directed by Andrew Sugerman, who has executive produced movies like ShopgirlDeath Sentence and Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever.

Ann Dusenberry, Tina the beauty queen from Jaws 2, is Melinda, a newcomer to the Pentagon who is shocked by the way that they sexually harass her. For a few minutes, I was thinking that this 1985 comedy was incredibly woke and ahead of its time.

Then I realized that I was watching a 1985 sex comedy and that Melinda will instead use her sexual wiles to get back at everyone via a campaign of her own harassment and making old men think she’s going to sleep with them.

Angela Aames from Fairy Tales and Chopping Mall — she was also Linda “Boom-Boom” Bangs in H.O.T.S. — and Rhonda Shear of USA’s Up All Night are also in this.

Tying into my love of spy films, Walter Gotell plays a KGB head. This is a role he knew well, what with playing General Anatol Gogol in The Spy Who Loved MeMoonrakerFor Your Eyes Only, OctopussyA View To a Kill and The Living Daylights. He’s joined by Marty Brill as an American general.

You can watch it on YouTube:

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