Moving Violations (1985)

After Police Academy and Bachelor Party, Neal Israel and Pat Proft made this film, which has a great cast of 80’s comedy folks. It’s the ultimate hijinks ensue kind of movie, where a bunch of oddballs all lose their licenses and have to go to traffic school. Unbeknownst to them, Judge Nedra Henderson (Sally Kellerman) plans on selling their cars and keeping them from ever driving again.

Deputy Henry “Hank” Halik (John Keach, brother of Stacy) and Deputy Virginia Morris (Lisa Hart Carroll, Patsy from Terms of Endearment) are the tough cops running things.

They’re up against Dana Cannon (instead of just getting anybody to be a Bill Murray ripoff, Moving Violations at least hires his brother John), NASA scientist Amy Hopkins (Jennifer Tilly), teen Scott Greeber (Brian Backer, Rat from Fast Times at Ridgemont High), Where’s the Beef? lady Clara Peller, Wendie Jo Sperber as a hypochondriac, Lust in the Dust’s Nedra Volz, Fred Willard as a card mechanic, Nadine van der Velde from Critters, Don Cheadle in one of his first movies and Dedee Pfieffer from House 3/The Horror Show.

I love that Robert Conrad is in this. He turned down the role of Lassard in the first Police Academy and did this movie because he regretted that decision. And I adore the scene where Willard asks Sperber to get her car up on the rack and she thinks that he means her. It’s totally stupid, but isn’t that why you’re watching this?

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