Girls Town (1959)

Mamie Van Doren was the bad girl of her era and this movie is one of the many reasons why. Despite being 27 at the time of filming, she plays 16-year-old Silver Morgan, who fends off an assault by knocking a man off a cliff. That is enough to send her to Girls Town, a place where bad girls turn to God thanks to some nuns.

Can Silver win over the tough women of Girls Town?

Will Serafina get to meet Paul Anka?

Will Silver’s sister Mary Lee (Elinor Donahue, Father Knows Best) escape the evil clutches of Fred (Mel Torme, the Velvet Fog!) and white slavery in Tijuana in time to reveal that it was really her that killed the man and not her sister?

Producer Albert Zugsmith was a master of exploitation, getting his start with movies like Invasion U.S.A.The Incredible Shrinking Man and Touch of Evil before finding his niche with movies like High School Confidential!Sex Kittens Go to College and the perfectly named Movie Star, American Style or; LSD, I Hate You. He also wrote, produced and directed noted comic strip bomb Dondi, which I really need to get to soon.

Director Charles F. Haas studied under T.S. Elliot at Harvard, which seems the perfect place to learn how to make movies like Summer Love with John Saxon, The Beat Generation with Van Doren and Platinum High School with Mickey Rooney.

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