Panic in the City (1968)

Look at that junky VHS cover, pushing Dennis Hopper as the star of this film while he barely has a role in it. Oh Amazon Prime, you got me again.

This would be a better description: National Bureau of Investigation agents investigate the mysterious death of a nuclear scientist and soon learn that a group plans to set off a nuclear explosion in Los Angeles. Boredom ensues.

This was made by Eddie Davis, who eventually went to Australia and remade the noir movie D.O.A. as Color Me Dead.

Linda Cristal, who was in The Dead Don’t Die is the other reason that I watched this. Nehemiah Persoff, who is also in Psychic Killer, would go on to voice Papa Mousekewitz in the An American Tail movies. And hey! George Barrows is in this. Who is that? Why Ro-Man the Robot Monster!

You can watch the whole movie on Daily Motion:

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