Remo Williams: The Prophecy (1988)

Three years after Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins, this pilot was made, starring Jeffrey Meek as Remo and Roddy McDowall as Chiun.

It’s based on the novella “The Day Remo Died.” Chiun feels that his student is becoming complacent, so he hires an assassin to teach him a lesson. What Chiun doesn’t know is that the killer wants to become Chiun’s student and will stop at nothing to kill Remo.

Andy Romano, who played Eric von Zipper’s henchman J.D. in sixties beach movies, is in this, as is Judy Landers from Dr. Alien.

This movie didn’t air until 2009, when the Encore network finally played it. The one other time it did air — August 15, 1988 — a speech by President Reagan cut off the first forty five minutes of the movie.

It’s nowhere near as good as the original film. But hey — if you love Remo Williams like I do, you can watch it on YouTube:

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