Magic Pills (2017)

Medicine is obviously big on our minds right now, as we confront an epidemic that currently has no cure.

This documentary is pretty interesting to watch while keeping where we are now in mind.

Filmmaker and homeopath Ananda More, Hom, DHMHS has traveled the world to meet with scientists, practitioners and patients to more about homeopathy. While she initially was a skeptic, now she wants to know if its science-based or is an elaborate placebo that impacts millions and endangers lives.

Science believes that homeopathy can’t work because we can’t prove how it works. How did we figure out gravity and electricity back before we could prove it? That’s the problem that Anada presents as she shows how homeopathy is being used to treat cancer in India, support the use of antiretroviral medication for HIV/AIDS in Africa and prevent common epidemics in Cuba.

Can science explain how nature works? How does homeopathy work as well as medicine? Is it better, as often medicine focuses on toxic treatments that can have irreversible or life-threatening side effects? Should the profits of healthcare be people or the company making the cure?

Magic Pills is available on demand.

DISCLAIMER: This movie was sent by its PR company.

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