The World Is Not Enough (1999)

The first Eon Bond film to be released by MGM, this is the third Pierce Brosnan outing, with Bond dealing with the murder of billionaire Sir Robert King by the terrorist who cannot feel pain, Victor “Renard” Zokas (Robert Carlyle, whose cameo as John Lennon makes Yesterday). Soon, Bond must protect King’s daughter Elektra (Sophie Marceau, Braveheart) as well as learn why a nuclear meltdown could increase worldwide petrol prices. And oh yeah — deal with Dr. Christmas Jones (Denise Richards).

This was a Bond movie with many potential titles, such as Bond 2000, Death Waits for No Man, Fire and Ice, Pressure Point and Dangerously Yours. The final title is based on Alexander the Great’s epitaph “Orbis non sufficit,” which is the Bond family motto.

Robbie Coltrane returns from GoldenEye — his office is covered with cheesecake photos of former Bond girls — and Desmond Llewelyn, who died in a car accident not long after the film’s premiere, appears for the last time as Q. He’s shown training his successor, who is jokingly referred to as R and played by John Cleese.

Joe Dante and Peter Jackson, were initially offered the opportunity to direct this one. The producers eventually hired Michael Apted (Coal Miner’s Daughter, Enough).

This one feels like a misstep after two solid Brosnan entries. Alas — there are good moments, but just not enough. Man, I feel bad even ending that sentence that way.

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