Espionage in Lisbon (1965)

Jess Franco wrote the script and music for this movie, so between that and me watching over a hundred Eurospy movies in a month, I just had to tackle this. Brett Halsey in the main role? Added bonus.

An international gang pretends to have the means to destroy a small country in thirty seconds. A spy group believes that this could be true, so they set out to take it from them.

This is an unofficial Agent 077 movie, with Halsey (DemoniaThe Devil’s Honey) as George Farrell and Marilu Tolo (Scorpion with Two TailsMy Dear Killer) as his partner Terry Brown. It also has Erika Blanc, who is familiar to horror fans from roles in A Dragonfly for Each CorpseEye of the CatThe Devil’s NightmareSo Sweet…So PerverseKill Baby…Kill! and The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave.

Director Tulio Demicheli (who also worked with Federico Aicardi on this) directed Ricco, a movie that takes the crime vengeance genre into very gory territory.

It’s not the most exciting spy movie you’ve ever seen, but if you’re trying to see as many of these movies as you can, it has its charms.

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