7 Golden Women Against Two 07 (1966)

Mark Davis is secret agent No. 07. And he’s played by Mickey Hargitay, who as you may know, had a way with women. He was married to Jayne Mansfield, after all.

He’s looking for hidden Nazi treasure. There’s a clue hidden in a stolen Goya painting. I wonder if this was because Dr. No had Goya’s “Portrait of the Duke of Wellington” on display. That painting — which had been stolen from the National Gallery — was painted in a weekend by production designer Ken Arnold. It was used for publicity for Dr. No and then was stolen as well.

Mark attends an art auction but loses out on the painting. He soon learns that seven attractive women — each with a spy, art dealer or con men backing them — has one of the paintings. Now Mark has to use all his skills in art forgery and getting with the fairer sex to find the gold.

This was written and directed by Vincenzo Cashino, who also was in the movie as Barbikian the Armenian, a role he’d bring back for a sequel, Le 7 Cinesi D’Oro (7 Golden Chinese). He also wrote and directed The Sheriff Won’t Shoot and Le Sette Vipere (Il Marito Latino), which translates as The Seven Vipers (The Latin Husband). He was an Argentinian industrialist who moved to Italy to make movies and then disappeared after making these four movies, which are all filled with non-linear storytelling and plotholes so big you could drive a camion through them.

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