The Impossible Kid (1982)

After For Your Height Only, Weng Weng had another James Bond movie in him. He’s Agent 00, working for INTERPOL and battling extortionists. The main villain? Mr. X, who kind of looks like a Klansman, if Klansmen wore socks on their heads.

For some reason, Weng Weng wears a white Saturday Night Fever suit through most of this movie, which has nothing to do with James Bond. I have no idea why either.

Mr. X sends killers after Agent 00 and even tries to drown him at one point, but you can’t keep a spy down who can hide inside a briefcase.

My favorite part of this movie involves Agent 00 escaping from the bad guys by using beds sheets — never mind the naked woman in the bed — to jump out of a window into a hotel swimming pool. Then, a very large hairy man discovers our hero and picks him up as if he were an infant before exclaiming, “Hey everybody look. I can’t believe what happened. It’s a boy! Where did he come from? Pretty boy, pretty boy!”

There are also numerous punches to the ballbags of many villains.

At the end of this film, there’s the promise of License Expired as a sequel. Sadly, that movie was never made.

You can watch this on Amazon Prime or download it from The Internet Archive.

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